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How Were Glass Bottles Made In The Old Days

Published by Haojing 2022-12-27

Increase knowledge! So the glass bottle "blows" out like this! Tips: In the past, glass bottles were manually blown out of the mouth, including the incandescent light bulb used in the past!What is the "blow" method?How were modern glass bottles made?Guide mall for you to prepare super shocking video, used to show a bottle production past life, together to increase knowledge!(For more glass bottle products click here

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1. Ingredients: weigh all kinds of raw materials and mix them evenly in a mixer according to the designed material list.The main raw materials of glass are: quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda, boric acid, etc.


2. melting, the raw material will be heated at high temperature, the formation of uniform bubble free glass liquid.This is a very complex physical and chemical reaction process.The melting of glass takes place in a furnace.The melting temperature of glass is mostly in the range of 1300~1600゜C.Most are heated by flame, but to a lesser extent by electric current, called electric melting kilns.

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3. forming, is to melt the good glass into a fixed shape of solid products.Forming must take place within a certain temperature range. It is a cooling process in which glass changes first from a viscous liquid to a plastic state and then to a brittle solid.Forming methods can be divided into two categories: artificial forming and mechanical forming.This completes the shape of a glass bottle

There are two kinds of molding

①:Artificial shaping.And (1) blowing, with a nickel-chromium alloy blowing tube, pick a group of glass in the mold while blowing.Mainly used for forming glass bubbles, glass bottles, balls and so on.(2) pull, after blowing into small bubbles, another worker sticks with a top plate, two people blowing and pulling is mainly used to make glass tubes or rods.(3) pressing, pick a group of glass, cut it with scissors into the concave die, and then punch a pressure.It is mainly used to form cups, plates, etc.(4) Free forming, after picking with pliers, scissors, tweezers and other tools directly into crafts.

②:Mechanical forming.Because artificial forming labor intensity, high temperature, poor conditions, so, in addition to free forming, most has been replaced by mechanical forming.

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4. annealing, the glass has undergone intense temperature changes and shape changes in forming, this change in the glass left a thermal stress.This thermal stress will reduce the strength and thermal stability of glass bottle products.If cooled directly, it is likely to break spontaneously during cooling or later during storage, transportation and use (commonly known as cold burst of glass).

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