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How Is Travel Bottling Used What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Cosmetic

Published by Haojing 2022-12-27

What are the functions of travel cosmetic bottling?It is called travel bottling because it can be used to dispense large cosmetic bottles of lotion, such as shampoo, body wash, skin care products, etc., in order to be able to use their own frequently used during travel.This is not only good for the skin, but also easy to carry.Friends who often travel, use in hotels, hotels, certainly not particularly satisfied with their own, and if they buy, are generally large bottles, during the travel and use not late, which causes waste.Although it is good to bottle, if you do not pay attention to the use of the emulsion can not bring its own benefits.What should I pay attention to when using travel bottling?Such as disinfection treatment.Bottles and bottles of lotion are in contact with human skin, so ensure that the lotion is safe from contamination.This requires that the bottle itself be safe and free of germs.Therefore, disinfection is very important.There are many ways to disinfect, but the bottle itself needs to be taken into account.How to use travel fractional cosmetic bottling?(Click to learn more​)

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How to disinfect travel cosmetic bottles?

First, you need to prepare some warm water, remember that the water should not be too hot, as most bottles are plastic.For PP or silica gel travel cosmetic bottles, you can consider the method of boiling water.Using warm boiling water method, need to repeatedly rinse with warm boiling water travel bottled, about 10-15 times.Then dry with a hair dryer at maximum wind speed, allowing the flow of air and water to create as sterile a bottling environment as possible.

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Bottle disinfection method two, vinegar disinfection method

Vinegar is a kind of weak acid, which has certain function of disinfection and sterilization.This method can be used to disinfect the bottling. After disinfecting the bottling with acetic acid, it should be cleaned with water, generally about 10 times.

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Bottle disinfection method three, alcohol disinfection method

First, rinse with water, then use detergent, then clean with water, and then use alcohol to disinfect.Bottle the alcohol-sterilized bottles and let them dry in a well-ventilated place

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When using travel cosmetic bottles, in addition to disinfection, also need to control the amount of emulsion packaging.Choose the right bottle to distribute, but also take into account the time of travel, how much to distribute.It is best to have a rough idea of how much you need to refill your bottles based on the number of days you travel.Filling a full bottle and keeping it for a long time until you go out is not only wasteful, but also not very desirable.Because it is divided into bottles and bottles of emulsion, even if the disinfection treatment, also should pay attention to.After disinfection treatment for travel cosmetic bottles, open the bottle cap. When opening the bottle, pay attention to the weight and follow the operation requirements.After separating the emulsion into separate bottles, cover the bottle well and seal it tightly to prevent it from filtering out.In addition, you need to do a good job of marking accordingly, so that you know what is in the bottles, to facilitate the search.

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